Christopher P. Herfel

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Chief Executive Officer / Senior Researcher / Analyst

Christopher P. Herfel is Chief Executive Officer at McCaffery & Associates, Inc. A lead client liaison, Mr. Herfel determines the most cost-effective and efficient means of meeting the research project needs timely. He directs the research team to locate and analyze historical correspondence documents.

Mr. Herfel combines his past experiences in shipyard operations, ship design, marine engineering, naval policies, and employment working on merchant vessels to analyze and interpret detailed correspondence and blueprints. He has participated in the new construction of oil barges, the conversion of naval vessels, and the overhaul of more than a hundred merchant and naval vessels. His experience with the management of toxic materials during shipyard conversions and overhauls have been put to use in research of environmental hazards for numerous clients.


  • MBA, Loyola College of Maryland, Management & Finance, 2004
  • B.S., Marine Engineering, Minor in Engineering Management, United States Merchant Marine Academy, 1998
  • Third Assistant Engineer License, Steam & Diesel Propulsion, Unlimited Horsepower, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Trained Shipyard Competent Person, Confined Space & Marine Chemist Certification
  • Trained Welder, Electrode & MIG procedures
  • Lieutenant, U.S. Navy Reserve

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