David G. Fitch

Senior Researcher

David G. Fitch is a senior analyst and the graphics operational manager. He supports legal teams responding to asbestos and other toxic tort litigation. His primary responsibilities are to locate and analyze U.S. Navy and merchant ship design, development, construction, maintenance and repair records and plans.

Mr. Fitch has over thirty years’ experience in maintaining and operating shipboard systems, coal-fueled power plants and waste-to-energy recycling/co-generating facilities. He has fifteen years’ experience as a licensed shipboard engineer supervising the operation and maintenance of steam propulsion systems. Knowledgeable in all shipboard engineering and maintenance responsibilities, Mr. Fitch has been a troubleshooter for high pressure steam, fuel oil, natural gas, and coal-fired boilers. He is an avid pleasure steamboat skipper and spends summer weekends navigating the Occoquan River in Virginia on his four-passenger steamboat.


  • B.S., Marine Engineering, Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine; 1974
  • First and Assistant Engineer License, Unlimited Horsepower, Steam and Third Assistant Engineer License, Unlimited Horsepower, Diesel; U.S. Coast Guard
  • Waste Management Facility Operators Certification, Class IV
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Virginia Chapter
  • Qualified Resource Recovery Facility Operator (QRO)
  • Provisional Certification Betz Boiler Operator Training/Steam Turbine Seminar
  • Power Plant Fundamentals
  • Bearing Seminar

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