About Us

McCaffery & Associates, Inc., primarily provides naval, maritime and aviation archival research services to law firms involved in toxic-tort-related claims and litigation. Our offices are located near all of the most important naval- and maritime-related document collections and several major aviation document collections. All of our researchers are experienced naval and maritime officers, engineers, industrial hygienists and litigation paralegals.

Statement of Principles

Without customers, McCaffery & Associates, Inc., would not exist. Therefore, each customer has the right to:

  • Willing compliance with their instructions;
  • Accurate and unbiased products delivered on time;
  • Full accounting of all time and funds expended on their behalf;
  • Complete confidentiality of their affairs;
  • The undivided attention and efforts of every director, officer and employee;
  • Absolute integrity in everything we do;
  • Our best advice and opinion when so asked.

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